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Level 1 Certification - Balance the Pelvis & Hips

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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • 90% of Americans have immobile hips or Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) Dysfunction, which is a root cause of low-back pain & accelerated aging.
  • This SI Dysfunction can contribute to slow movement, weak muscle activation, ongoing physical pain, poor coordination, and postural problems. 
  • Traditional training teaches that it takes 2 - 4 months to correct SI Joint Dysfunction, costing thousands of dollars and significant time investment.

  • Until now, solutions didn't exist that offer a way to apply wellness knowledge through self-care to balance the S.I. Joints.

  • Now you can learn how to BALANCE THE HIPS IN 3-STEPS in our Level 1 Certification: Self-care and client-care to mobilize hips for increased mobility, balance, & pain relief.

The Beck Balance Method

  • Beck Balance: Level 1 Certification is designed for hands-on bodyworkers and regular folks, alike. NO LICENSURE REQUIRED!
  • It will teach you how to remove back & hip pain through self-care (and for clients, if you're licensed).
  • This protocol is also designed for families, trainers, coaches, yoga instructors, & other wellness partners.
  • If you want a holistic, easy-to-use solution for a root-cause problem, then this course is for you!

Looking for More Details? 

In the Beck Balance Level 1 Certification, you'll learn to utilize self-care or hands-on work with clients to: 

  1. Quickly and easily create space in the S.I. Joints and open the space around the sacrum for mobilization. 
  2. Mobilize the pubic symphysis to "unlock" the ilia, allowing proper movement and alignment to occur.
  3. Rebalance the sacrum within the ilia so the hips and pelvis can efficiently perform their duties within the mobilization of the legs for gait and stabilization of the core. 

These 3 simple steps can help relieve muscle tension, unlock "stuck" S.I. Joints, reduce sciatica pain, improve power and strength generation, and more!

Unbelievable Results - But REAL!

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Meet James Beck

James Beck is changing the massage and therapy world by helping practitioners and clients re-create the way they work with the human body so they can significantly reduce pain, improve energy, and enjoy a better quality of life!

Beck's professional training began in 2003 as a Massage Therapist at Burke Williams, in Santa Monica, CA, where he grew to become the facility's lead Deep Tissue instructor and one of the top therapists for four years.

Beck spent most of his life traveling the world, studying different healing theories & modalities. In 2007, he worked with NBC's American Gladiators (Seasons 1 & 2). After experiencing great results with his protocol, NBC's medical staff asked him to work on their hit show, The Biggest Loser (Seasons 7-11).

In 2011, Beck left Hollywood & took an epic, "pay-it-forward" journey across America (go to for details).

When he returned to Southern California in 2014, he began a successful Structural Integration practice and a Wellness Program for March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, CA. He spent six years assisting California National Guard soldiers in passing their physical training tests during drill weekends through hands-on therapy.

Beck found that virtually 100% of the soldiers had the same problem: unbalanced hips or S.I. dysfunction. Over several years, he developed a system that carries over to other professionals or can be taught as self-care to individuals to correct S.I dysfunction quickly. Average results for the soldiers were a reduction in pain by 40-60% and improvement in their feeling of power and energy by 40-60% as well, and many results were far higher than that average!

Beck's hip and sacroiliac (S.I.) Balancing system, now called Beck Balance, teaches professionals and lay-people how to lessen repetitive stress on damaged tissue and bone, restore proper movement patterns to the hips and S.I. Joints and care for these areas in quick self-care sessions.

Balance the body to reduce pain!
Increase energy to enjoy life!


CA CMT ID: 104661 - CERTIFICATE: 67479

Level 2 - Balance the Diaphragm to the Hips & Pelvis
(Coming Summer 2021!)


Level 3: Balance the Shoulders to Hips 
(Coming Soon!) - License Required


Level 4: Balance Head & Neck to Hips
(Coming Soon!) - License Required