Workshop Preparation

Level 1 Certification:

What To Do Before the Course

  1. Once you've registered, check your email to get your paperwork. It must be submitted in order to attend.
  2. Bring a sturdy belt & yoga block to the certification.
  3. Watch the video below to learn. how to do a Stork Test (Gillet Test).
  4. Practice & Master the Stork Test before the workshop.
  5. THE GOAL: Perform an accurate Stork Test in 30 seconds.
  6. The week before class, download your Level 1 Checklist and have it printed out or ready to display during class.
  7. DON’T WORRY about anything else!

We’ll see you at the Certification!

The Stork Test (Gillet Test)

Looking for More Details? 

In the Beck Balance Level 1 Certification, you'll learn to utilize self-care or hands-on work with clients to: 

  1. Quickly and easily create space in the S.I. Joints and open the space around the sacrum for mobilization. 
  2. Mobilize the pubic symphysis to "unlock" the pelvis, allowing proper movement and alignment to occur.
  3. Rebalance the sacrum within the pelvis so the hips and pelvis can efficiently perform their duties within the mobilization of the legs for gait and stabilization of the core. 

These 3 simple steps can help relieve muscle tension, unlock "stuck" S.I. Joints, reduce sciatica pain, improve power and strength generation, and more!