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What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration is a form of deep soft tissue bodywork paired with movement education. It releases patterns of stress and tension that inhibit the body from moving freely by balancing the "structure" in gravity.

Structural Integration does this by enhancing the body's pattern of organizing muscular tone and activity. After we balance the body in gravity, it functions at higher levels of efficiency, coordination, movement, balance, flexibility, strength, and ease.

The human body has to deal with gravity at all times, and while people realize this force exists, most believe that they are immune to its load.

Gravity's constant effect on the human body tissues is to make them dense, fibrous, and tight, leaving the body in a state of imbalance.

As we grow older, we often shrink in height and slowly lose flexibility and range of motion. Our bones stay the same length, and our muscles still function, but the fascia (connective tissue) tightens, and this is what prevents our body functioning at its best. Structural Integration is the perfect tool to reverse this process to allow you to feel younger and more flexible as life goes on.

Fascia tightens and thickens in response to repetitive strain, misuse, trauma, and disease. This adaptation further pulls the body away from ideal alignment and can cause more discomfort in the body. 

The effects of gravity on a misaligned body can show up as back pain, poor posture, tight, restricted muscles and movement, compressed and painful joints, chronic fatigue, and even anxiety or depression.

How Does Structural Integration Work? 

Structural Integration works by lengthening and releasing the patterns in the fascia. As a result, the thickened toughened tissues become soft, re-hydrated, and more pliable. Structural Integration changes the body's habits, and it organizes the imbalances in the tissue.

After each session, your center of gravity will shift closer towards neutral. We shift the weight and balance the body more evenly to work with gravity.

By giving the muscles the ability to relax and loosen, we gain a more upright and balanced posture with greater flexibility and range of motion.

Is This Clothed or Naked Massage?

Tight clothing is preferred. Not naked. During Structural Integration, visual alignment of the body needs to be observed and maintained throughout the work, and loose clothes conceal important postural landmarks.

Structural Integration is an active massage where structural alignment is gently sculpted back into its optimal place, and we reanimate muscles.

Then the client and therapist work together to retrain the body to operate and move in an optimal function. Long sleeve yoga clothing is best for the activity.


Anyone can take a body apart; very few know how to put it back together.

— Dr. Rolf

What is The Basic 10 Series in Structural Integration?

The 10 Series is a sequence of ten sessions, broken down into three categories. The superficial sessions, the core sessions, and the integrating sessions.

Sessions 1 to 3 focus on releasing the superficial layers of the connective tissue that are the muscles close to the surface of the body. These are also called the sleeve muscles.


Sessions 4 to 7 are considered the core sessions. In these, the deep musculature and connective tissue of the body is the focus. Also called the intrinsic muscles, these help us with subtle motor movement and produce graceful and fluid movement.

Sessions 8 to 10 integrate the core and the sleeve. The practitioner balances and aligns the patterns of the body and looks at re-ordering rotational patterns in the structure. The tenth and final session is also one of Integration, but more importantly, it serves to inspire a sense of order and balance.

Are All the Sessions Needed?

There is no substitute for the ten series, but it isn't for everyone. This work isn't a 'lay down and receive a massage' kind of bodywork—this more like trekking across a mountain range with a guide. Imagine transforming the way you walk, breathe, and use your body every day. It isn't something you should start and stop halfway. 


  1. Are excited about transforming your body

  2. Are looking for a unique, active, body-working experience

  3. Can commit to a 10-20 week process of transformation  

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