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Mind - Neuronal System - Time

Spirit - Fascial System - Space

You ask for your Back Pain!


Does your foot, hip, back, or neck hurt?

You asked for it!

So do your clients.

Most people respond in the same way, "NO, I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS PAIN!"

Uh, yeah, you did. You didn't realize it. If pain is unexplainable, then you are simply unaware of some bad habits.

Everybody asks their body for their pain, and it will limit the progress of pain removal if you view yourself or your clients as if they are victims.

That crook in the neck or ache in the low-back isn't a mystery.

I'll explain.

Western Medicine has only started studying fascia in the past decade, so most people are clueless about how fascial collagen works. Only the most progressive minds understand its dynamic tension/compression function, how it connects to our beliefs about the present moment, the way we take up space, and how to affect it.

Fascia is the collagen substance that keeps all the organs and muscles in place. There is a thin layer around every muscle. 

If you have ever cooked a roast or stew and put...


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