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Keep your pain if you want


Dear Therapists,

Do clients frustrate you?

‘What do I have to do to get rid of this pain?’ my clients ask.

“Do this (insert action) 3 times a week,” I reply.

They return with the same problem a couple of weeks later and ask the same question, ‘What do I have to do to get rid of this pain?’

‘Did you do what I suggested?’

 ‘No. Do you have any other suggestions?’ they ponder.

I want to slap them.


Do you think I was guessing at a solution? I gave you exactly what you need to do to keep yourself out of pain. It’s what I do. If you choose to ignore the solution and keep doing the same behaviors, you get to keep your pain. You are wasting time and money. Congratulations, you are stupid.

Do you repeat your advice appointments over and over again?

Yeah, me too. (I'm guilty for not following other professional's suggestions so I can't throw stones.)

I have a famous C-suite executive that pays me exceptionally well...


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