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Marsha Malamet

A few days ago, a caregiver asked me, "Do you think you can help my client? She hasn't walked in over a year."

I replied, "I positive I can, however both of you will know after one session."

I didn't know Marsha Malamet, but songwriters do.

With all the crude touch in the world, I'm honored that I was able to give this LGBTQ community Hero another stroll through her rose garden.


 (Click the picture to see an interview with Marsha - weeks before I worked on her)

Marsha was a stranger that paid me for 1.5 hours of time.

I taught her caregiver's friends advanced therapy and had a good reputation.

Full disclosure, I added an extra hour because I believed that if I balanced her pelvis and spine, she could walk out of my home.

Marsha was curious as I goaded her on being able to walk again.

Curiosity breeds hope.

Then I followed the following recipe.  


Structural Integration Strategy

  • Step 1: Balance the Pelvis in 3-Steps
  • Step 2: Provide support & alterations for advanced cerebral palsy
  • Step 3: Release the Superficial Front Line - or the BLUE LINE

The Superficial Front Line constricts when the pelvis is twisted, causing the body to collapse on itself.

Unlock the pelvis, to remove the root cause problem.

Free up the constricting myofascial line to balance the spine, and then see what happens.


(Image used with permission)


After I finished my session with Marsha, she was standing on her own for the first time in a couple years. 

She said, "Take off your mask, I want to see your face. I want to touch it."

After taking off my mask, she said, "Turn on that camera. I want to give my testimony."

This video is the result of that conversation.

It's exponentially easier to allow time to tell a story. Theories often blend into ego, which limits the work. 

If you do what I teach, you can have these results, reactions, and experiences.

Moments like this, serving another human greatly, offers purpose and meaning to life. It makes the work priceless.

This ability is what I wish to give others.



Love don't need a reason.

Kindness don't need a reason.

Service don't need a reason.

 Enjoy Marsha's Work

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